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Submit your articles to multiple article directories 100% automatically.

Article Submission Helper supports automated account registration and article submission. Submit unique articles to each directory with the in-built article spinner.

126 quality directories currently supported (104 submitted to automatically, 22 - semi-automatically) as well as ability to add your own!

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ArticleSubmissionHelper Maniacs

A Long Overdue Update

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It’s been quite a while since I’ve released the last update for Article Submission Helper so it’s about time I release one. There’s a lot to be improved on, and I haven’t done everything I wanted, but getting there.

The new version includes these important new features:

  • Ability to remove directories from the list
  • A filter for your custom directories so they don’t get lost anymore
  • Updated list of directories

The update link will be sent to subscribers as usual.

Happy 2010!

Article Submission Helper Update

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I’ve just released the new version 1.3.1 of Article Submission Helper. Here’s what’s new:

  • Updated directory list – some directories were removed as found broken, a lot more were added. The list now includes  174 directories (152 of them work in auto mode).
  • Added account and article management. You can now store and manage several accounts and articles for quick and easy access.
  • Added a custom directory editor which allows you to add new directories easier. The new directories are stored in settings file which will never be overwritten by future updates.
  • Added support for ContentBoss – an auto article rewriting service which allows you to spin articles without having to rewrite them manually. It’s a paid service but a big time saver, especially for link building purposes.
  • Fixed some bugs

Finally, I’ve moved the user manual to this website, so that it’s easier to maintain. It’s accessible from the top right menu by clicking Online Manual.

New Improved Version And More Directories

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I’ve released the v1.2 version of Article Submission Helper today. It has some improvements of the auto submission engine as well as article spinning. I’ve implemented full support of jet spinner syntax making it possible to produce a lot more unique articles. Namely, the support for random, preservefirst and preservelast tags was added. For more information about these tags and how to use them see jet spinner enhancements.

Also, I’ve added a bunch of new directories for auto submission. You can now submit to 83 directories automatically (plus the same 19 semi-automatically). The total count of directories is now 102. All new directories work with auto registration so it will be easy to register new accounts as well.

In the next update I will focus on adding a lot more directories. Now that the auto submission is in place, it only makes sense to have as many directories as possible.

Article Submission Helper Now 100% Auto

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I’ve just finished updating Article Submission Helper (v1.1) with the main new feature, 100% auto article submission and account registration. That means you can now submit to currently 47 directories with a single push of a button. Auto registration works with 36 directories.

There’s still 19 directories in semi-auto submission mode (due to captchas, etc.) and 16 in semi-auto registration mode.

Despite these new features, Article Submission is still 100% free and will remain so. Also, I’ll let it be known that to my knowledge, it’s the world’s first and only 100% auto article submitter that comes free :) The market price of such submitters is about $100.

The updates will be sent out via email shortly.

Update – Version 1.0.1

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I’ve done a clean-up of the directory list today. The result of this is that the list is now down to 66 directories. The 12 directories I had to remove were either broken or didn’t allow anchor text for links. I’m serious about the quality and the last thing I want is a buch of these fellas dead in the water. It’s a necessary evil.

I’ve also found and fixed a small bug with saving the article URLs.

The update will be sent to the subscribers.

Article Submission Helper is Live

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While Article Submission Helper is live for a while now, I just added this blog so to kick it off I’m just stating the obvious. Artice Submission Helper is live!

You can download it by signing up on the right and start using right away. It’s free – no charges are involved.

Currently it submits to 78 directories, but that will change. I gotta say that it may chage to the wrong side first, i.e. it may  decrease because of some directorie no meeting the expectations. Currently I’m settling at directories of PR 1 and up, so there aren’t many of those that also allow links with anchor text, aren’t nofollow, etc.

Check it out and let me know any feedback you have, it’s very much appreciated.